You Cannot Afford To Offend My Woman

Chapter 991 (Get Lost!)

Chapter 991 (Get Lost!)

After saying that, he left without looking back, in a bad mood. It felt like when one's pet didn't listen and went to eat someone else's meat—what was the point of keeping such a pet?

Not directly chopping off heads was already him showing mercy.

"Big brother, wait!" Ye Juetian quickly caught up, realising that something was wrong! The big brother had just returned, and the emperor issued a decree. It was obvious that it was aimed at the big brother.

In the crowd, some men quietly left, rushing back to the imperial palace to report the news.

Ye Hua walked towards the Ye family with a cold face, and Ye Juetian quickly caught up, explaining, "Big brother, don't be fooled. Sister-in-law sincerely cares for you."

"Sincerely? The imperial decree is already given. Is that sincerity?" Ye Hua said coldly.

"Big brother, think about it. You just returned, and the emperor issued a decree. There are many suspicious points. I guess he wants you and sister-in-law to have a conflict. Don't be fooled." Ye Juetian was genuinely anxious. He had thought yesterday that his big brother and sister-in-law were finally together, but it changed so quickly.

Ye Hua sneered, disdainfully saying, "Then the emperor successfully fooled me!"

"Big brother!!!" Ye Juetian shouted helplessly, knowing it was a trap, and yet the big brother still fell for it.

'Big brother, even in the Sapphire Continent, you are the emperor. Don't you know such strategies?'

"Enough said. I don't have such a woman!" Ye Hua said coldly, deciding to talk to his mother about this matter and never mention Qian Yuqing again.

Ye Hua walked directly towards his mother's room, with Ye Juetian closely following behind.

Today's Le Jing was different from usual. She sat outside the courtyard playing the zither, looking in good spirits. However, seeing her son walking in with a stern face, her willow eyebrows furrowed, and her younger son following closely behind, looking melancholic, she knew something had happened.

Ye Hua stood in front of Le Jing.

And Ye Juetian respectfully called out, "Mother."

"Ye Hua, what's wrong?" Le Jing nodded and asked Ye Hua.

Ye Hua said in a low voice, "Don't mention Qian Yuqing in front of me again, let alone marrying her! It's impossible!"

Hearing Ye Hua's words, Le Jing was startled. "Ye Hua, what happened? Don't be agitated."

"Mother, the emperor has decreed to marry sister-in-law to the Ninth Prince!" Ye Juetian added, feeling helpless.

"What!" Le Jing exclaimed. Her son had just returned, and the emperor suddenly did this, catching them off guard!

It seemed that her son was jealous, even though he claimed not to like her. What did his jealousy mean now?

Le Jing held Ye Hua's hand and sat down, softly saying, "Ye Hua, you must stay calm at this time. This is definitely not Yuqing's intention; it's a scheme by the emperor."

"Regardless of whether it's a scheme or not, this is my attitude." Ye Hua said indifferently, seeming to have lost his composure, unlike the past when he never panicked in the face of any situation, even if there were conflicts with Qing Ya.

But looking at him today, he completely acted as if he wanted a divorce. It seems that he didn't even give a chance for explanation, displaying a very impulsive demeanour, which was quite inappropriate.

Seeing her son being so firm, Le Jing advised, "I know Yuqing. She could never do anything that would betray you. At this point, you two should face this together."

"I'm not interested. I'm going to rest." Ye Hua said indifferently and left without looking back.

"Ye Hua..." Le Jing stood up and called out, but Ye Hua questioned as he left.

Watching Ye Hua leave in anger, Le Jing sighed lightly, "Little Tian, your big brother is in a bad mood now. Don't tell Yuqing about this, understand?"

"Yes, Mother, I understand." Ye Juetian knew exactly what his mother meant. He was afraid that his big brother would say hurtful things.

After all, sister-in-law must be in pain now. If she were hurt by big brother again, how would they resolve it later?

Ye Juetian was now the tag along behind Ye Hua. Even if Ye Hua walked into the house, Ye Juetian followed.

However, Ye Hua did not stop this situation.

Inside the Qian family, Qian Yuqing had already finished feeling sad. Qian Yi tried to console her, but to no avail, so she left.

"Miss, your health is important. Eat something." A maid stood respectfully and suggested. Qian Yuqing hadn't eaten anything until now, but for an Overlord, it didn't matter.

Qian Yuqing sat on the bed in a daze, thinking about how to break off this engagement.

"Miss..." The maid seemed to want to say something but was hesitant.

Qian Yuqing came back to her senses and said calmly, "Speak if you have something to say."

"It's like this, Miss. Today, the servants heard that Ye Hua has returned!" The little maid said with her head lowered.

"Ye Hua has returned?" Qian Yuqing didn't react at first.

"Yes, Miss. Many people saw him on the street today," the maid replied.

Qian Yuqing finally reacted. She stood up excitedly and asked, "Ye Hua has returned?!"

"Yes, Miss." The maid looked at the smiling expression on her face, feeling a bit worried.

Qian Yuqing was overjoyed. Ye Hua had really come back. This was great. Ye Hua still liked her. That rascal, that day he hugged her and even put her back. She hadn't seen such a clumsy man before.

In normal circumstances, he should have taken her into the room at that time and then...

Thinking of those intimate things, Qian Yuqing's small face blushed. What was she thinking? She couldn't help but feel amazed.

"Miss?" The maid couldn't help but ask. With the Miss being so surprised, wouldn't she get sick?

Qian Yuqing quickly suppressed her joyful smile, "Leave the food. You can leave for now."

"Yes, Miss." The maid respectfully said.

After the maid left, Qian Yuqing ate a little, then asked the maid to leave and went to the secret passage.

Of course, she was going to find Ye Hua.

In Ye Hua's room.

The two brothers were drinking and playing, more precisely, Ye Juetian was accompanying his big brother to drink.

Who proposed to drink? Of course, it was Ye Hua's suggestion, just like he was unhappy.

"Big brother, sister-in-law is a good woman. Don't misunderstand her." Ye Juetian couldn't help but persuade.

"Very much like love." Ye Hua snorted. [He is likely implying that the situation or behaviour being discussed resembles the complexities and sometimes misunderstandings associated with romantic relationships.]

Ye Juetian was confused. What did he mean?

The two brothers were drinking vigorously, and the room was filled with the smell of alcohol.

Suddenly, the floor made a sound, and both brothers looked over instantly.

They saw a beautiful woman crawling out of the secret passage.

Qian Yuqing finally saw Ye Hua. He really came! This was all true... Fantastic!

Qian Yuqing, with tears of joy in her eyes, ran towards Ye Hua, seemingly wanting a big hug.

However, Ye Hua had a stern face and pushed her away with his hand, saying, "Get lost!"

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