Versatile Mage

Chapter 3154 - Chapter 3154  Cleaning Up

Chapter 3154  Cleaning Up

“Mo Fan, even though we’ve just met, it feels like we’ve known each other for ages,” Wen Tai said slowly.

“I feel the same way. Your stories are still told in the mortal world,” Mo Fan replied.

“I don’t sense any malice from you toward me. But because of me, Asha’ruiya tricked you into coming here and others preyed on you,” Wen Tai admitted.

“Even if you hadn’t told Asha’ruiya to trick me, I would’ve still come.” Mo Fan glanced at Mu Bai.

However, Mu Bai looked unimpressed.

Mu Bai would not be so easily moved. He had not forgotten the absurd things Wen Tai had done in the past.

Besides, Mo Fan’s arrival was unnecessary. Those on the Dark Plane had tried everything, yet they had not been able to erase Mu Bai’s True Soul. Sooner or later, Mu Bai would become a Dark King too. This meant that Mo Fan was not the only impressive one.

“Your friendship moves me. There was a time when I had friends like that in the mortal world. They treated me like family. I regret not being available to protect them. I feel that my downfall deeply hurt them. Even though both of us went against Holy City’s will, what you have now is something I wish I had,” Wen Tai openly shared his thoughts.

Hearing Wen Tai mention those he had affected, Mo Fan felt quite unhappy.

After all, it was Wen Tai’s fault that Salan went mad.

Wen Tai might have been willing to descend into darkness, but he had been rash, especially given how many followers he had. They all believed in him and saw him as the future of magic civilization.

Mo Fan was already displeased with Wen Tai for many reasons, including abandoning Xin Xia. He had left such a gentle and kind-hearted girl to fend for herself in the world.

Even though Salan betrayed everyone else, she did one good thing by taking care of Xin Xia.

Deep down, Mo Fan felt that Wen Tai had failed as a father and a husband. While he did not voice out these thoughts, it seemed like Wen Tai could sense them somehow.

Wen Tai wore a guilty look as he said, “Anyway, I owe you my thanks.”

“So, you put on this entire show today just to thank me?” Mo Fan looked around and saw the other Dark Kings getting antsy.

“Wen Tai, you’re talking too much. We need to see some real sincerity,” the Cursed Queen said impatiently.

“Okay, I’ll show you.” Wen Tai slowly raised his hand.

Suddenly, he started glowing with a divine light, like an ancient god. When he wanted light, the world lit up. When he spoke of darkness and light, day and night appeared.

The light was so bright that it lit up most of the Dark Plane. The beams of light that pierced through the sky and ground resembled the bright sun. They broke through the barriers and filled the Dark Plane.

Even the thin eternal layer of water evaporated. Despite being the “surface” of the Dark Plane, it could not contain Wen Tai’s power. This holy radiance, from the most primal energy, purified everything around.

Right then, Wen Tai did not seem like the Dark Plane’s ruler. He looked like a god of light who had descended into this murky world with a flourishing force.

Mo Fan could feel Wen Tai’s light changing the world before him.

He was incredibly powerful!

Wen Tai’s power had reached the level of a legendary god!

At first, Mo Fan wanted to use his Demon Element to fight this incredibly powerful mage. But when Wen Tai revealed his power, Mo Fan realized that his Demon Element was no different from a tiny seed of darkness that could not break through the ground.

No wonder Wen Tai was the true Dark King! Unlike the Duke of Shadow, he was the actual ruler of the Dark Plane!

Mo Fan only had one thought: It was impossible for him to fight Wen Tai.

He needed to find a way to escape and maybe even return to the mortal world. He could not defeat Wen Tai on the Dark Plane.

At this moment, beams of light, which were as sharp as heavenly spears, shot toward Mo Fan’s position.

Just when Mo Fan thought that he would be seriously injured, the beams of light turned into warm, comforting sunlight. They drove away the “mites” of darkness on his body.

Mo Fan had sustained injuries from when he fought with the Duke of Shadow. In addition, his healing abilities were much weaker on the Dark Plane. But after being bathed in Wen Tai’s light, his wounds quickly began to heal.

Even his lost magic energy was rapidly recovering!

What was going on?

Was Wen Tai using a spell from the Parthenon Temple?

“Wen Tai, what are you doing?!” the Cursed Queen suddenly screamed in terror.

The Cursed Queen, who was wearing a long ghostly robe, began to struggle in the dark sky.

The beams of light had struck her as well. But unlike Mo Fan, who was healed and blessed, the Cursed Queen’s body started smoking. Her robe, dress, and skin were visibly being scorched!

“Wen Tai! What’s the meaning of all this?!” the King of Night and Day shouted angrily from the sky.

Wen Tai did not reply. He turned his light into spears that filled the sky and covered the ground. As these spears moved up and down, the world started to look like a giant mouth that chewed on the dark creatures within it.

Soon, this power hit the King of Night and Day too. He appeared in the ancient dark city in a black outfit and a crown. He looked like a tyrant from the Middle Ages, when black magic was practiced, and he was glaring at Wen Tai.

The light was draining his power and suppressing his divinity. However, he was much stronger than the Cursed Queen. His body only emanated a yellow vapor, and his skin remained intact.

“Wen Tai, you sneaky traitor!” one of the Dark Kings cursed.

This Dark King had been in the southwestern corner. He never showed himself or said anything at all.

He had been watching from the sidelines the whole time. So, he did not expect to fall into someone else’s trap.

“Everyone, the Dark Plane has been a mess, with different groups fighting for control and no clear rules. This has also caused disorder in the mortal world since the people are in constant turmoil. I came from the mortal world with one goal: To clean up the Dark Plane and bring stability to the world. So, there can only be one Dark King!” Wen Tai calmly said, as though he was making a formal announcement.

Without any warning, Wen Tai flipped the table.

On top of that, he brought all the invited guests into the kitchen and aimed at them. After all, guests made the best ingredients.

Mo Fan and Mu Bai remained unharmed amidst the light, but they were shocked by what they saw.

They had initially thought that they were doomed, but everything suddenly changed. Their worst enemy was using an incredible spell to wipe out the other enemies in one go!

“Wen Tai, you’ll pay for this!” The Cursed Queen’s screams echoed loudly.

Among the countless beams of light, a huge hand emerged from the sky.

It seemed to reach from beyond the universe into their world. It made everything appear small, and the dark creatures felt terrifying pressure from it.

Soon, it reached down and grabbed the Cursed Queen, who was also massive.

She struggled, but her abilities were nothing compared to Wen Tai’s power. The squeeze from hand grew tighter and slowly deformed her body.

In the distant reaches, countless observing powerful beings were terrified.

The hand that reached down did not seem to belong to this world. It was as if the so-called Dark Plane was nothing more than a sandbox in someone else’s hands, a plaything in another’s living room. If the owner wished for it, the entire place could be flattened with a single palm!

The beams of light and the hand from the sky could destroy these self-proclaimed mighty dark creatures.

There was already a clear example before them. Even the kings of the Dark Plane could not escape!

“Wen Tai has become so strong that he’s beyond anything on the Dark Plane!”

Every dark creature held the same sentiment.

Just a while ago, the battle between Mo Fan and the Duke of Shadow had been intense and unprecedented. Everyone thought that their fight had reached the highest point possible and even redefined their understanding of power.

However, Wen Tai’s intervention shattered their understanding of strength. His power seemed to come from beyond the realm, perhaps even from myths never recorded before!

It was not just the Cursed Queen and the King of Night and Day, but every other Dark King there also felt the immense pressure of Wen Tai’s divine power.

It seemed that he aimed to defeat six kings single-handedly and unite the Dark Plane.

“So, this is Wen Tai’s power.” Mu Bai looked at the incredibly bright sky in deep shock.

In the mortal world, Wen Tai’s influence had been greater than that of the Parthenon Temple itself, so Holy City had been wary of him.

With the help of all the powerful mages in the mortal world, Wen Tai was finally sent to the Dark Plane.

Right then, Mu Bai suddenly realized something crucial.

No one in the world could send Wen Tai to the Dark Plane except himself!

Wen Tai willingly embraced the darkness, and his real ambition was to control it!

The chaos and confusion in the mortal world stemmed from the Dark Plane’s invasion. If he did not control the gods and beings from the Dark Plane who could affect the mortal world, there would never be peace!

Wen Tai understood this, so he chose to stay on the Dark Plane.

Over in the mortal world, there were many rumors of Wen Tai being lost and completely engulfed by darkness. Apparently, he even used his power to spy on the mortal world and corrupt it.

However, that was not true. Wen Tai had always stayed true to his beliefs.

“Mo Fan, Wen Tai didn’t trick you here to harm you. He intends to clean up the Dark Plane,” Mu Bai said slowly.

“I have to admit that my father-in-law is impressive!” Mo Fan suddenly changed his attitude and almost felt like applauding Wen Tai.

Mu Bai was speechless.

Mo Fan was really easily swayed.

He had previously criticized Wen Tai for dying too hastily and leaving behind a huge mess. Yet, he suddenly admired Wen Tai so much.

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