My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1993 - Chapter 1993: Well Done

Chapter 1993: Well Done

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However, no one present had a good impression of her. Seeing that her eyes were flickering and she was unwilling to swear, they were even more certain that she was a demonic cultivator.

“Although mental demons are a huge taboo for cultivators, if you’re really not a demonic cultivator, you naturally don’t have to worry.” Lu Yizhe looked at Liao Sisi expressionlessly and said coldly.

Xu Xiu, who had always been taciturn, didn’t say anything. Instead, he directly expressed his attitude with his actions.

He instantly moved his feet and appeared behind Liao Sisi. The next moment, he picked her up without saying anything and started the wings of the air-transportation spirit artifact behind him to suddenly fly into the air.

Liao Sisi’s expression suddenly changed when her body suddenly soared into the air. “Xu Xiu, what are you doing? Put me down quickly!”

Xu Xiu had no intention of paying attention to her at all and flew south at the fastest speed.

The members of the Martial Arts Department, who didn’t expect Xu Xiu to suddenly make a move: ‘

However, well done!

After flying for half an hour, Xu Xiu saw a lush forest and immediately loosened his grip on the back of Liao Sisi’s collar.

Liao Sisi, who had been shouting for a long time, didn’t expect Xu Xiu to really let go of her this time, and he suddenly let go of her in midair. She couldn’t help turning pale with fright.

Xu Xiu didn’t even look at her before turning around and leaving. As for Liao Sisi’s life or death in the end, it wasn’t his concern.

Seeing Xu Xiu’s ruthless back view from the corner of her eye, Liao Sisi finally couldn’t take it anymore and completely broke down, screaming like a lunatic.

However, she still remembered her dangerous situation at this moment. When she was more than a hundred meters away from the grass, she quickly activated a teleportation talisman.

“Young Master Helian, Miss Liao is back.”

In the forest, a demonic cultivator walked up to Helian Qiguang and reported respectfully.

Hearing that, Helian Qiguang wasn’t surprised. Instead, he looked expectant.

“Where is she?”

Helian Qiguang stood up and tidied his black robe before asking the demonic cultivator.

“We didn’t alarm Miss Liao. She’s a hundred meters away now.” The demonic cultivator pointed in a direction and replied.


Helian Qiguang waved his hand, indicating that the demonic cultivator could leave.

After the demonic cultivator left, Helian Qiguang didn’t immediately leave to look for Liao Sisi. Instead, he deliberately waited on the spot for a while before walking towards Liao Sisi unhurriedly.

On the other side, Liao Sisi was still standing there, looking very conflicted and resistant.

However, when she thought of the situation where she was hated bv evervone in the orthodox path, she felt that she only had Helian Qiguang as her choice.

Otherwise, it would probably be very difficult for her to leave the mystic realm alive.

However, if she asked Helian Qiguang for protection, she would really be labeled as a demonic cultivator. At that time, it would be useless no matter how she explained.

Between dying and becoming a demonic cultivator, Liao Sisi was hesitant. At the same time, she became even more resentful of the person who slandered her.

Among them, there were also people from the Martial Arts Department of Hongtian Academy.

Thinking of Mu Tianyan’s ruthlessness towards her, Liao Sisi felt even more aggrieved. It was also at this moment that a seed of hatred was quietly planted in the bottom of her heart.

It was just waiting for the day to take root and germinate.

“Junior Sister? It’s really you.” The sudden voice made Liao Sisi subconsciously tense up and she looked at the person warily.

However, after seeing who it was, Liao Sisi didn’t relax. Instead, she became even more vigilant..

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