I Just Won't Play By The Book

Chapter 688 - Chapter 688: Concentrating on Alchemy (A 10,000 -word chapter, thanks to He Dao and MO Ruge for the 100,000yuan reward)

Chapter 688: Concentrating on Alchemy (A 10,000 -word chapter, thanks to He Dao and MO Ruge for the 100,000yuan reward)


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“I… I… I don’t have 600 yuan!” Shi Fenglan said with an aggrieved expression.

“Then I’ll suffer a loss. Give me as much as you have.”

“Hmph, I’ll give you everything!” Shi Fenglan picked up all her belongings and pushed them in front of Jiang Beiran.

“Thank you.”

Looking at Little Bei Ran’s face full of smiles as he took all his belongings, Shi

Fenglan gritted her teeth and said, ‘”‘1 will definitely get it back from you!”

However, Shi Fenglan still hadn’t managed to steal a single copper coin from Jiang Beiran even after the match ended. With a sullen face, she said,””Again, again! I won’t go easy on you this time!”

Just like that, they had already played three rounds. Seeing that the sky was already dark, Jiang Beiran put away his increasingly human-like Jiang Ziya and said,’”‘Let’s end the bet here today. Bell, get ready to go.”

“He’s here!” Xia Lingdang, who was meditating, quickly stood up and followed behind Jiang Beiran.

‘ Senior Brother actually took the initiative to ask her to follow him!’

Liu Zijin and the rest were so envious!

What kind of treatment was this? Who exactly was this girl called Ling Dang??

While Liu Zijin and the rest were still in shock, Shi Fenglan grabbed Jiang Beiran’s shirt and said,””You can’t leave after winning. Let’s have another round, let’s have another round. I’ll definitely win this time!”

“Another day.”

Hearing Little Bei Ran’s rejection, Shi Fenglan could only let go of her hands and said,””Okay, then you have to come back to gamble another day.”

“Yes.” Jiang Beiran nodded and walked out with Xia Lingdang. However, just as he stepped over the threshold, the system option suddenly popped up.

[Option 1: Leave immediately.] [Completion Reward: Book of Evil Hearts (Earth Grade Mid-Rank)]

[Option 2: Ask Liu Zijin and the rest. [Completion Reward: Random Basic Attribute Point +1]

Looking at the two options, Jiang Beiran could not help but look up at the sky.

“Are you messing with me?”

Jiang Beiran was already frustrated enough that he had taken the initiative to approach Fang Qiuyao, but now, he was going to get the other four as well. ‘What is this? All of them?

‘What is this? All of them?

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Beiran stepped over the threshold and turned around to shout at Liu Zijin and the rest,’”‘Liu Zijin, come out for a moment.”

[Mission completed. Reward: Agility +1]

“Eh?” The four of them were overwhelmed by the unexpected favor.

” This is different from the usual Senior Brother!’

However, no matter why their senior brother had such a change, the four of them still responded happily and ran out.

“Senior Brother, why are you looking for us?”Liu Zijin took the lead and asked.

Before asking, Jiang Beiran scanned them with his spiritual power as usual and found that the four of them had grown a lot.

Liu Zijin was already a seventh level mystic spirit, while the three sisters were fifth level mystic spirits.

“He’s really going to catch up to Qing Ce?”

Jiang Beiran was a little confused. He had thought that with Qingce standing in front of them, these five would never be able to become the top disciples of the sect no matter how hard they worked. But now, even if they were to chase after them, this was not how they should chase after them, right? Was he cheating?

This made Jiang Beiran want to look up at the heavens and ask..

“Just force it?”

‘No, I have to give Qing Ce some shocking information when I help him advance to the Mystic King realm tomorrow. I can’t let them catch up to me.’

After recovering from his shock, Jiang Beiran looked at the four of them and asked,””Has Fang Qiuyao encountered anything recently?”

‘Qiu Yao…?’ Liu Zijin blinked her eyes. She did not understand why her senior brother would suddenly ask such a question.

However, after thinking for a moment, Liu Zijin still replied,’”‘l’ve never heard Qiu Yao mention it…”

“Think carefully.” Jiang Beiran stared at Liu Zijin and asked.


Liu Zijin could not help but feel numb all over when she saw her senior brother’s long-lost gaze.

However, because her senior brother did not reprimand her, Liu Zijin could still hold on.

In addition, she also believed that her senior brother would not ask this question for no reason, so she immediately tried her best to recall.

At this moment, Yu Guishui suddenly said, “Previously, there was a period of time when Sister Qiuyao was often distracted. When I asked her why, she said that she was thinking about the cultivation technique.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Yu Guimiao nodded.” Recently, I’ve also seen Sister Qiuyao daydreaming a few times. I just thought that she was thinking about the cultivation technique again, so I didn’t ask. Senior Brother, what’s wrong with Sister Qiuyao?”

After some consideration, Jiang Beiran said,””Do you know where Fang Qiuyao lives?”

“I know.” The four of them nodded at the same time.

“Go check if anything happened to her family and come back to tell me.”

Since the last time he asked them to go to his senior brother for “help”, they had actually become his subordinates that he could use. The system would not jump to the option as fiercely as when he first met them.

The reason was simple. In the Sheng Kingdom, there were almost no people or things that could threaten him.

Although Jiang Beiran had figured this out the last time, he still had no intention of taking them under his wing. After all, they were still unstable. But this time, the system was so strong that Jiang Beiran had no choice but to use them again.

Liu Zijin, who felt that it was strange, could not help but ask,””Senior Brother… What happened to Qiu Yao’s family?”

“You’ll know when you ask. Also, don’t tell anyone about this. It’s fine if only

tne rew or you Know.”

“Got it.” Nodding her head forcefully, Liu Zijin looked at the three Yu sisters and said,””Then let’s go.”

“Alright.” The three of them nodded in unison.

After bowing to Jiang Beiran, the four of them bid farewell to the hall master before heading down the mountain together..

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