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Chapter 674 - Chapter 674: Really a Burden (2)

Chapter 674: Really a Burden (2)


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“Hohoho.” When Jiang Beiran put the brocade box into his Cosmos Ring, Shi Weiyi patted him on the shoulder and said, “”Bei Ran, you’re the junior I think the most highly of. I believe you won’t disappoint me.”

“Junior will naturally work hard.”

“Alright, then I have nothing else to do here. You can go and do your work.”

“Yes, then this junior will take his leave first. “Jiang Beiran left the Saint Residence after he finished speaking.

Even though the responsibility on his shoulders had increased, Jiang Beiran felt much more relaxed.

Because after this conversation, the Shi family’s probing and testing of him had finally come to an end.

In the future, as a guest elder, he just had to manage the mystic arts well. This was actually much better than everyone being curious about him at the beginning and constantly testing him.

Jiang Beiran returned to Ten Thousand Flower Valley for two days after settling the matter. Apart from playing with Shi Fenglan for a while, Jiang Beiran also brought over all sorts of relevant information about Xuan Workshop.

Although his life creed had always been to know as little as possible, he had no choice. Now that Xuan Workshop was bound to him, he could no longer be a hands-off shopkeeper.

Even if he didn’t want Xuan Workshop to reach new heights, he couldn’t let it be worse than before.

On the third day, Jiang Beiran left Tong Country early in the morning and flew to Qi Country.

Then, he called Lin Yuyan to bring him into the Qi Empire and back to his mansion.

“Senior Brother! The cultivation technique you gave me is really too powerful.

NOW, not only can 1 control tne Daletlll aura Detter, Dut 1 also nave a way to make it stronger.”

Lin Yuyan said excitedly to Jiang Beiran as soon as she entered the room.

Hearing Lin Yuyan say that the cultivation method was useful, Jiang Beiran nodded in satisfaction.

This meant that Tang Jingran didn’t cheat him, so he could continue to trade for a longer period of time.

When they arrived at the backyard, Jiang Beiran checked the self-protection barrier that had already formed its basic structure. He found that it had already begun to absorb the Spiritual Qi between heaven and earth. All that was left was to wait for it to become more solid before continuing to spread it out.

Seeing that the self-protection barrier was working, Jiang Beiran went out to inform Lin Yuyan that he had something to attend to and left without waiting for her to say anything.

As she watched her senior brother leave in a hurry, Lin Yuyan suddenly felt a flash of white light in her mind. She felt that something was wrong. ‘I wonder which little fox is clinging onto my husband again. If I find out…’

As Lin Yuyan thought about it, an ochre colored murderous aura slowly emitted from her body, and it became denser and denser…

After leaving the mansion, Jiang Beiran boarded a flying shuttle and arrived at the village that had suffered from the plague. He then went to find Xia Lingdang’s family.

“Thump. Dong!”

Jiang Beiran walked up and knocked on the door twice.

After a while, she heard hurried footsteps coming from inside the door. Ice pulled the door open.

“Benefactor!” Xia Lingdang called out in delight the moment she saw Jiang Beiran.

“I was delayed on the way and came a few days late. However, I have already looked at the date. Today is the perfect day for the burial.”

“It’s all very well arranged by benefactor,” Xia Lingdang said hurriedly after listening.”

“Alright, then I’ll go find someone now.”

Jiang Beiran didn’t have much to say to these eight gifted talents who had passed the system’s test.

The purpose of keeping them here was to let them get to know each other and understand that they were his “comrades”.

“Being in a foreign country, we still have to be careful when doing many things.”

Having said that, Jiang Beiran took out several stacks of talisman papers from his Cosmos Ring and distributed them to everyone.””lf you encounter any difficulties, you can ask the Shi family for help, or you can use this talisman paper to fold into a paper crane and ask me for help.”

Jiang Beiran’s words carried a few meanings. He could understand it as asking them to choose a side. He could also understand the Shi family for official matters. However, if he didn’t want the Shi family to know about his private matters, he could ask him for help.

As for how the eight of them understood it, that would depend on their own abilities.

This was the first question Jiang Beiran had given them.

“Thank you, Brother Jiang!” The eight of them cupped their hands after receiving the talisman.

“Mm, I wish you all a bright future. Go back.”

“Yes, sir!”

After answering in unison, the eight of them dispersed, and the square returned to silence.

Jiang Beiran looked up at the bright starry sky, wondering when his long-term investment would reap the benefits.

‘Let nature take its course, let nature take its course.’

After muttering to himself, Jiang Beiran slowly walked out.

After that, Jiang Beiran spent two days to completely remove the curse on Shi Weiyi’s Golden Phoenix Ghost Orchid, allowing it to regain its health.

Shi Weiyi wasn’t stingy at all. He gave Jiang Beiran a Black Grade Dharma treasure as a thank you gift.

“This is truly too precious. “Jiang Beiran said while holding the brocade box.

“You’re welcome. This is also what the ancestor wanted. He said that your cultivation is too low and it would be too dangerous to go out without a good defensive magic tool.”

The treasure Shi Weiyi had given Jiang Beiran this time was a mid-grade Black Grade magic treasure called the White Moon Bracelet. It was used to form a golden light shield formed by willpower. The stronger the willpower of the user, the stronger the defensive power of the golden light shield.

Even if a cultivator with weak willpower used it, the golden light barrier could at least block the attack of a Mystique Venerable Rank expert once. It could be said to be a very powerful defensive magic treasure.

However, Jiang Beiran had never expected Shi Weiyi to give him a Mysterious Grade magic treasure as a gift of thanks.

After staying in the Six Nations for so long, he had gradually come to understand one thing.

Even in the Six Nations, there were very few Earth-rank and Heaven-rank magic treasures.

The reason was very simple. This was because the target of the Heaven-Grade Dharma treasure was the Dharma treasure used by the Mystic Thearch.

However, ever since the Mystic Thearch disappeared from the Black Dragon Continent, Heaven-Grade Dharma treasures had almost become extinct.

The target of the Earth-grade magic treasure was naturally a Profound Sage. Similarly, it was as rare as a Profound Sage.

Every time something appeared, it would cause a huge uproar.

In a situation where both heaven and earth magic treasures were extremely rare, black grade and yellow grade magic treasures naturally became the mainstream.

Further down, cultivators below the mystic sect mainly used yellow-grade magic treasures, while cultivators above the mystic sect mainly used black-grade magic treasures.

And of course, this included Profound Sages.

After all, Earth-rank magic treasures were too rare. Even Profound Sages couldn’t possibly have Earth-rank magic treasures all over their bodies. Most of the time, they would mainly use Black-rank magic treasures.

Under such circumstances, Shi Wei Yi had actually given him a Black Grade

Middle Rank magic treasure. It could be said that he was absolutely generous.

The moment he accepted the magical equipment, Jiang Beiran suddenly realized that Shi Weiyi was a diplomat.

As the ” Minister of Foreign Affairs ” of the Shi family, the relationship between Shi Weiyi and him could actually be regarded as a negotiation, or even a deal.

From this standpoint, he naturally had to give Jiang Beiran a beating from time to time like he did two days ago, to let him know that the Shi family was not stupid and not always trying to take advantage of him.

However, diplomacy was definitely not just about beating people up. It was also very important to give benefits at the right time.

It seemed that Shi Weiyi didn’t take him to see the flowers to test him, but to find an excuse to give him some benefits.

After analyzing the situation, Jiang Beiran bowed and said,” Thank you for your gift, Sage.”

“You deserve this. I told you a long time ago that as long as you work hard for the Shi family, you will definitely benefit. “Shi Weiyi changed the topic, “In addition, from today onwards, Xuan Workshop will also be fully open to you. You can go anywhere with the Sage Token. This is both an affirmation of your ability and a test of your ability. I hope you won’t disappoint our ancestor.”

In the Shi family, Linglong Workshop and Xuan Workshop were actually the same system. One was responsible for production and the other was responsible for sales.

Xuan Workshop was not open to outsiders, and the most valuable place was naturally the warehouse.

In order to increase the influence of the Shi family’s Xuan Workshop and attract more people to trade here, there were quite a number of mansion-guarding treasures inside..

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