Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4240 - Chapter 4240: Bone Eroding Blue Powder

Chapter 4240: Bone Eroding Blue Powder

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“You’ve poisoned them!”

Feng Wu stared at the Princess Royal and didn’t dare to take a deep breath, for she would be poisoned as well.

The Princess Royal looked at Feng Wu in bewilderment. “Why aren’t you down?”

Feng Wu had an unusual constitution. Most poisons wouldn’t work on her, but the Bone Eroding Blue Powder would. It just wasn’t as potent.

“What do you want?” Feng Wu asked.

That was why she had felt that something was wrong from the very beginning. The Princess Royal had used the Bone Eroding Blue Powder! What was she going to do?

Feng Wu looked at Luo Nantian involuntarily, but his face was livid.

Shit. Feng Wu thought to herself, ‘My uncle probably didn’t expect that the Princess Royal would start a faction war on such an occasion! Nor did the others.”

Who would have thought that the princess would be so insane? There were so many people here!

Feng Wu noticed the confused looks on the faces of Wuyu, Prince Yan Yu, and the others. It was obvious that they were all kept in the dark.

The only ones who knew what was going on were the Princess Royal and Lord Yan, for they were the only ones who were smirking.

“What do I want? Heh —

The Princess Royal smirked. “With everything that has happened, why are you still asking questions? No wonder you’re all prisoners now! Feng Wu, look carefully. Everyone in your clan is on the ground.”

Not only the Luo family, but the neutral forces such as Mountain Sea Academy, the Formless Sword Sect, and the Red Feather Room had all collapsed. No one could fight back.

The head of the academy stared at the Princess Royal in astonishment as well. “What are you doing? Are you going to kill us all?!”

Master Chilian of the Red Feather Room said angrily, “Princess! Do you know the consequences?!”

No one had expected that the Princess Royal would do such a thing. All the major forces had gathered here, and they had all been poisoned!

“Aren’t you afraid of offending everyone?!” One of the members of the Formless Sword Sect bellowed.

The Princess Royal smirked. ” The head of the academy, Master Chilian, and the second-in-command of the Formless Sword Sect, as long as you submit to my Dayan Empire and become one of my subordinate forces, I can promise you that you’ll be as influential as you used to be!”

However, the leaders snorted and didn’t take the Princess Royal’s words seriously because they felt that they had been severely offended.

“Princess Royal, the Murong family has always been on friendly terms with the royal family…” The Murong family’s head couldn’t help but speak up.

The Princess Royal smiled. “Master Murong, are you going to work for the

Dayan Empire now?”

The head of the Murong family nodded. “Of course! We’ll always be loyal to the

Dayan Empire!”

“Good! It’s time to prove your loyalty!” The Princess Royal took a dagger out of her chest pocket and tossed it in front of Master Murong. ‘Go ahead. I’d like to see you try to kill a member of the Luo family.”

Someone was going to die!

No one had expected such a drastic turn of events, but it was great news for Yan Yu and the others.

Holding the dagger, Master Murong took a deep breath.

The Princess Royal asked indifferently, “What? Master Murong, do you not want to offend the Luo family?”

Master Murong shook his head. He knew perfectly well that the Princess Royal was forcing him to do it..

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