Epic of Ice Dragon: Reborn As An Ice Dragon With A System

Chapter 1690 End Of The First Trial!

Chapter 1690  End Of The First Trial!


“It’s time…” Drake said. “{Unique Skill: Soul-Destroying Infernal Heavenly Void Star Armament Creation}!”


Suddenly, the divine and demonic power of Drake’s Domain started to change, materializing, and taking the form of silver and azure colored metal, which then took the shape of enormous spears and blades, encompassed by a thin veil of Void Element.

This was the result of his Unique Skill, which was also a Fused Divine Ability, made by combining a Unique Skill he took from the Flame Emperor, further combined with several other Divine Abilities into something utterly ridiculous.

The power to materialize his own Divinity and turn it into solid metal of incredible sharpness, imbued with a thin veil of Void, making it capable of more easily slicing through things!

The results? They were quite obvious!


The projectiles quickly started slashing and slicing through the Infernal Hands and Abyssal Eyes, surprising Pandemonium once more. The only reason Drake had not used this Fused Divine Ability before was due to its tremendous cost of Divine Power, but he had also figured a sort of “glitch” within his own powers.

Whenever he regenerated his Divine Demonic Domain and the shattered Divinities using the power of [Immortal Body], the Divine Power that was fueling them would also be regenerated.

Meaning that the rate in which he was losing Divine Power had decreased dramatically, allowing him to gamble and use this power!

Of course, Pandemonium couldn’t believe it.

“Is he… holding me back properly now?!”

At long last, Drake had achieved it, something he had been striving all this time, even after he had both of his main divinities destroyed and then forcefully revived using his demonic powers…

Something that some would even mock him for, but when done against a being as overwhelming as Pandemonium, it was truly a commendable and admirable achievement.

A stalemate!

Both forces couldn’t push the other away, Pandemonium was unable to completely overwhelm Drake, and Drake was managing to make the King of all Demons be held on!

And as this fight continued and Pandemonium realized that there was someone that might eventually become his match, the battles above the skies were reaching their climax!

The different teams all ganged together against the last Demon Generals, sealing them, and parasitizing them with the help of Miranda, and quickly sending them over to Drake one after another!

“Drake, eat them all!” Yuki roared.

“That should be all of them!” Benladann said.

“Papa! We’ll hold back the demons!” Benladra said.

“Master Drake, we know you can do this!” Hector said.

“We all believe in you!” roared Rakasha.

“Papa can do it,” Kate nodded.

“Do your thing, Drake!” Tisha said.

“We will take care of the rest, do not even worry!” Pekora said.

“Everyone…!” Drake smiled, Gluttony emerged as a crimson flame, consuming the Demon generals within seconds. “Thank you.”


The Divine Demonic Domain trembled, suddenly growing larger and larger, resembling a sea of frost, flames, nightmares, demonic energy, light, darkness, and nebula.

The cosmic appearance of the Nebula Domain merged with his Domain Avatar emerging from it, growing larger, and larger and larger!


The gigantic titan made of Drake’s combined powers rushed forwards, even the Armament creation became part of him, turning him pseudo metallic!


Pandemonium lost his composure, his Infernal Domain rising as gigantic hands made of infernal flames unleashed a barrage of punches against Drake’s Domain Avatar!

Yet Drake didn’t stand there and took the hits, his Weapons were finally summoned, wielding all of them in each of his six draconic claws.

“Finally summoning us? Feed my thirst for blood, my master!”

Skadi’s crimson frost spear form, growing gigantic in size, easily reaching a hundred meters, unleashing an aura of blood and ice.

“Let’s do it, everyone!”

Uller’s enormous black frost blade, easily surpassing eighty meters of height, and overflowing with darkness.

“Aquarius, my father, told me to lend you all my strength, and so I shall!”

Ariel’s beautiful azure trident form materialized, almost of the same size as Skadi, overflowing with the power of the sea.

“I prefer to create things rather than destroy them… But as a hammer, it is also within my nature to smash things. Use my might, master.”

Hephaestus’ blazing hammer form emerged, enormous and overwhelmingly large, it rushed down with blazing might.


The Demon Bone Axe had definitely formed something of a soul within it, but it still couldn’t speak, yet its demonic blaze burned with passion for bloodshed.


And the of Marchosias blazing axe forms surged, both of the demonic wolf spirit forms turning into their weapon forms and quickly rushing down, desiring to tear everything to shreds.


Pandemonium’s infernal fists and Drake’s powerful weapons clashed against each other, creating explosions of all elements as the two titans fought.

The king of all demons distorted space itself with his attacks, yet Drake combined a myriad of elements with his divinity and devouring power, somehow managing to hold on against Pandemonium’s endless assault!

Yet, even now, it seemed that a stalemate was still the only thing he could do!

“Not yet…?!” Drake thought, finishing to absorb the last four demon generals. “I need something else, but everyone is busy dealing with the damn demons- Ah!”


“Drake, rely on us for once.”

Drakda had woken up from his nap, and Ruby was right beside him.

Drake smiled, nodding.

“Thank you.”

Drakda hugged his father’s stomach, imbuing his powers into his body and then his domain, and Ruby touched his shoulder, her vampiric powers, inherited from the Vampire Venerable, surged, like a sea of blood and an eternal night.


His domain quickly gained the color crimson and black, as his power surged, his weapon attacks became more intense, Pandemonium was…

Being pushed back slowly!


Pandemonium couldn’t accept it, obviously, pushing forward more and more, and more!

A wave of demonic beasts emerged from his demon gate, fusing with his infernal domain, and giving him more power.


“Yeah, I know… And I don’t intend to defeat you, just to destroy your castle.”


Suddenly, Pandemonium noticed something.

Above the skies, a group of friends had arrived. Read Web Novels Online Free – NovelFire Novel Fire – novelfire.net

Combining their powers, Surtr and Emerald’s teams created an enormous sphere of Heavenly Winds and Origin Flames.

“You’re done for, Pandemonium!”

“Take this!”

Surtr and Emerald combined their elements together into something incredible!

“{Heavenly Emerald Sun}!”


An emerald-colored star descended from the skies, Pandemonium panicked, but was unable to defend, as Drake took all his attention and power!


“Not fair? This entire time we’ve been fighting against a bastard like you, and now you call this not fair?! Get a grip, Pandemonium!”

Drake punched Pandemonium’s demonic avatar’s face, dislocating his jaws! The latest_epɪ_sodes are on_the NovᴇlFɪre.ɴet


The Emerald Sun impacted his castle before he could try to punch it away, an explosion of winds and flames erupted, engulfing him and his domain completely.


Emerald light consumed everything, for a second, the entire battlefield became silent. The demons all were torn to shreds by the blazing winds, while everyone else remained unscathed.

And then, the light slowly dissipated…

Revealing an unscathed, unharmed, yet very pissed Pandemonium.

“Y-You… How… How dare you…!”

And his castle and walls…

Completely destroyed.


With a furious roar, Pandemonium rushed towards Surtr and Emerald.


[Your Territory has been destroyed! You have lost the Territory Battle Trial.]

[You will be teleported to the waiting lobby.]



And then, he disappeared. —–

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