Earth's Greatest Magus

Chapter 2058 Challenge 5

The battle continued in favor of Syler, the multiplier. One of the duplicates began to laugh triumphantly as he landed another cut on Dillion’s thigh, effectively hindering his movement. However, his expression quickly shifted to one of horror as he realized Dillion was charging right at him. With a thunderous crash, Dillion’s massive sword cleaved through the air, slicing deep into the duplicate’s left shoulder and down to his waist.

The air filled with a piercing cry, “ARGHHH!!!”

Dillion’s swift retaliation sent shockwaves through the battlefield, disrupting the rhythm of the fight. With a quick adjustment in stance, he intercepted the other two duplicates as they attempted to flank him. The force of his counterattack was staggering, demonstrating Dillion’s unwavering resolve and formidable prowess.

Meanwhile, amidst the chaos, the duplicate that appeared to be the real form of Syler admonished his injured counterparts with frustration, “You were too reckless. We should have followed the plan!”

With the reminder, all three duplicates once again fell into formation, orchestrating a synchronized assault on Dillion. While one engaged him directly, the other two maintained a safe distance, strategically applying pressure to limit Dillion’s mobility. It was a calculated tactic aimed at wearing down Dillion’s endurance and exploiting his weakening state. Combined with the toll of his previous battle, it seemed the opponents were confident in their ability to secure victory by attrition.

Emery keenly observed as Dillion’s battle prowess gradually waned under the relentless assault. Dillion’s greatest strength, his raw power, exacted a heavy toll on his spirit pool and stamina, leaving him vulnerable to prolonged engagements. And his adversaries were well aware of this vulnerability, exploiting it to their advantage.

As the battle dragged on, Dillion sustained a barrage of cuts, each one drawing fresh blood and eliciting concerned shouts from the onlookers as they were angered by Syler’s tactics.

“What a coward!!” “Fight like a real man!!”

Syler, the timid yet calculating acolyte, persisted in employing his tactic against Dillion, confident in its effectiveness. But he underestimated Dillion’s resilience and determination. With a sudden burst of strength, Dillion delivered a powerful overhead strike with his heavy sword. However, at the last moment, he pivoted, leaving the heavy sword, and redirected his attack toward the second duplicate.

In a flurry of motion, Dillion unleashed a barrage of devastating punches, each blow carrying enough force to shatter bones. But to his dismay, the duplicate merely grinned in response, taunting Dillion with chilling confidence.

“I got you!!”

Before Dillion could react, the duplicate seized him in a tight embrace, triggering a detonation that engulfed them both in a searing inferno. It was one of Syler’s secret abilities–an explosive finale born from his duplicates, tuned into a powerful killing blast.

Amidst the chaos and smoke, the two remaining duplicates wasted no time. Swiftly closing in on Dillion with their flaming swords raised high, they were poised to deliver the final strike. “You are done!” they declared in unison, their voices laced with triumph and certainty.

But to their astonishment, Dillion emerged from the billowing smoke, his body wreathed in flames and bloodied from the explosion. Despite his injuries, his eyes burned with a fierce determination as he hurled himself at his next target, unleashing a flurry of powerful punches before evading the relentless assault of the third duplicate.

As the smoke cleared, revealing Dillion’s battered form, Syler’s laughter echoed through the arena. “You are a monster indeed!” he exclaimed, a mix of admiration and amusement in his voice.

Syler replenished his lost duplicates, and the trio once again closed in around the exhausted and wounded Dillion, their flaming swords poised for the final strike. It became evident that Dillion’s resolve remained unbroken despite his dire circumstances. Despite the odds stacked against him, he refused to yield, his determination shining through the haze of battle.

Observing Dillion’s unwavering determination, Emery recognized the need to intervene. Stepping forward, he addressed Dillion with a blend of authority and empathy. “Dillion, you have done enough,” Emery declared, his voice carrying the weight of finality.

The words hung heavy in the air, signaling the loss of Hall 120

—a revelation that sparked surprise and disappointment among those present. Though reluctant to stand down, Dillion chose to heed Emery’s words, acknowledging the inevitable outcome of the battle.

“It’s okay, You all did your best.” Emery said.

Emery truly believed that the matches had provided valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of Dillion’s chosen team in comparison to one of the middle-hall acolytes. As he administered a recovery pill to the injured Dillion, he contemplated various strategies to enhance their skills and capabilities.

However, while Emery maintained a positive outlook on the matches, the rest of the acolytes seemed disheartened by their defeat. Their spirits sank further when Instructor Aspen, wearing a smug smile, delivered a condescending remark aimed at their hall’s inability to best Hall 68.

“You see, your hall can’t even defeat us. Know your place, and don’t ever bother to dream of a higher hall.”

The instructor’s words cast a shadow over the gathered acolytes, dampening their morale even further. Shinta, too, observed the scene with disappointment, her concern evident in her expression.

To everyone’s surprise, Emery calmly entered the arena and approached Instructor Aspen, casually saying, “Instructor, why are you talking as if the match is over?”

With surprise, the full moon magus replied, “All your five acolytes are defeated! You have lost!”

Emery’s expression turned to one of confusion as he responded, “I thought you came to test our ability for hall advancement.” He gave the instructor a meaningful look before adding, “Isn’t an instructor’s ability also included as a requirement?”

As Emery’s words hung in the air, Aspen’s expression shifted, and a realization dawned that Emery was challenging him.. “Is this not true?” Emery questioned, his tone betraying a hint of uncertainty. Read Web Novels Online Free – NovelFire Novel Fire –

Indeed, the rule to advance a hall dictated that an instructor’s talent was a crucial factor. However, in the heat of the tournament, Emery was technically required to loss the opposing team before engaging in an instructor combat to claim the opponent’s hall. Despite this technicality, Emery wasted no time in leveraging Aspen’s own words against him.

“You are a full moon magus,” Emery continued. “Surely you won’t back down from a challenge by a halfmoon like me, won’t you?. Let this be a great learning opportunity for everyone.”

With a deft maneuver, Emery forced Aspen to accept the challenge. The acolytes watched with bated breath, anticipation coursing through the air as they awaited the showdown between the two esteemed instructors. The latest_epɪ_sodes are on_the ɴo(v)elFɪre.ɴet

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