Chaos Heir

Chapter 777 Family

Chapter 777  Family

Khan didn’t regret the decisions he had made to get where he was. Still, he realized he had compromised himself multiple times, and things could only worsen.

Khan’s mindset wasn’t human anymore. It hadn’t been for a long time, but the recent events had widened that gap. Khan was still a fourth-level warrior, too, so he had room to grow farther away from humankind, further affecting his decisions.

With the change in status, Khan’s actions would have deeper repercussions than ever, possibly involving innocent parties and people who didn’t even know what the issues were about. He was ready to make those sacrifices, but having a trusted figure at his side might limit pointless casualties.

Monica couldn’t fill that role. She was almost ready to support Khan’s every decision. Actually, she could have done worse on her own if Khan hadn’t beaten her to it.

Gordon simply wasn’t trustworthy, and his noble guard’s education left him with a flawed mindset. Instead, Andrew was nothing more than a loyal soldier. He lacked the ethical layer Khan required.

Abraham could work, but the man was too loyal to Khan. Chances were he would never contradict or scold Khan, which would defeat the point of having a trusted advisor in the first place.

However, Lieutenant Dyester held a unique position in Khan’s mind. Besides, he had already been scarred by the horror of war. He knew what it meant to go too far and could warn Khan if he noticed something similar.

Moreover, Lieutenant Dyester had no ambition. Khan didn’t only trust him. He was also sure the benefits of the new position wouldn’t corrupt his heart and open the path for potential betrayals.

Lieutenant Dyester had to admit he didn’t expect that development. He had initially guessed Khan wanted to offer him a more comfortable position, which he was ready to refuse. Yet, reality turned out to be far more complicated.

Truth be told, Lieutenant Dyester shared Bret’s mindset, even if for different reasons. The soldier wanted to waste away in the prison area. That dark environment was his home, his whole world, and he was fine with it.

Nevertheless, Khan didn’t come there to offer his newfound wealth and influence. He was asking a favor, knowing how much it would cost Lieutenant Dyester to fulfill it. That gesture vouched for his complicated situation and deep need for a trusted figure.

“Does it have to be me?” Lieutenant Dyester wondered.

Khan sat at the table but didn’t reply. The choice was between Lieutenant Dyester and George, but the latter was his friend. Khan wanted his family to have a beneficial relationship with him, not something related to employment.

“I wouldn’t ask otherwise,” Khan admitted.

The reply confirmed Lieutenant Dyester’s idea of the situation. Behind that cold face and terrifying presence, Khan was desperate. That feeling had changed from his time as a kid, but Lieutenant Dyester still found it nostalgic.

Lieutenant Dyester couldn’t help but feel sad. He had taught Khan not to become a mindless killing machine, but those instructions were creating an internal conflict now. Khan looked scared of his own power, but his unique situation prevented him from holding back. He would have to use it and knew tragedies could occur.

“Would you even listen to me?” Lieutenant Dyester questioned.

“I’ll try to,” Khan said.

“What if I can’t stand it anymore?” Lieutenant Dyester asked.

“You are free to leave whenever you want,” Khan promised, “And return here. I’ll put it in writing.”

“What a troublesome disciple,” Lieutenant Dyester sighed, drawing another cigarette from his chest pocket. “You were less annoying as a kid.”

“I was more annoying,” Khan corrected, “Less troublesome.”

“True,” Lieutenant Dyester chuckled, lighting the cigarette with his forefinger. “I hope you aren’t asking me to get all polite and call you Prince.”

“I only need you to be yourself,” Khan explained. “If I thought my authority would get in the way, I wouldn’t have chosen you.”

“Won’t I get killed by your guards or something?” Lieutenant Dyester wondered. “I heard they execute people at the first insult.”

“I’ll make myself clear,” Khan declared. “It would defeat the purpose if you felt worried about speaking openly.”

“Booze?” Lieutenant Dyester continued.

“Food, booze, and smokes are on me,” Khan revealed. “As well as lodging and a pay of your choice.”

“I won’t live with you, will I?” Lieutenant Dyester asked.

“Monica and I like our privacy,” Khan reassured.

“Good,” Lieutenant Dyester nodded. “Because I liked the Weesso girl. It wouldn’t have felt right.”

“Yeah,” Khan uttered. “I should contact her. We haven’t talked in a long time.”

“I heard she is doing fine,” Lieutenant Dyester revealed. “She is still working for the Cobsend kid. I’m sure you are aware.”

“I am,” Khan confirmed.

“How is it you didn’t end up with her?” Lieutenant Dyester probed, pretending to be casual about that gossip.

“Bad timing,” Khan summarized. “We talked about it, cleared some air and stuff.”

“Did she tell you that?” Lieutenant Dyester asked, seemingly mocking Khan.

“We are fine,” Khan promised. “It just couldn’t happen. Too much had changed.”

“Well,” Lieutenant Dyester sighed, “Makes me curious about this Miss Solodrey now. Did she tame you, or was it the opposite?”

“Did you turn into a chit-chatting grandmother in these years?” Khan teased, suppressing the laugh trying to break his cold face.

“It’s boredom,” Lieutenant Dyester snorted, suddenly standing up. “So, what do I have to do now?”

“Just talk with one of the soldiers outside,” Khan explained. “They’ll arrange everything.”

Lieutenant Dyester hurried toward the staircase, seemingly running away. Yet, noticing that Khan was still at the table made him halt in his tracks.

“Aren’t you coming?” Lieutenant Dyester questioned.

“I have somewhere else to be,” Khan revealed. “I hope that somewhere wasn’t burned to the ground by now.”




Due to the ship, Monica and her parents reached the Slums in a blink, so their meeting began far before Khan arrived in the prison area. Soldiers had also isolated the block, so they encountered Bret with no problem.

The problems started afterward. Anastasia and Luther were political monsters with almost nothing in common with Bret. Besides, Bret was already drunk, so Monica ended up being the target of most of his attention, and her short fuse soon became evident.

“So,” Bret could barely hold back the laughs. “You stole my kid from a Nele’s legs. That’s a feat to be proud of.”

“There were no legs involved!” Monica shouted. “That witch only played around to annoy us.”

“I think I read differently,” Bret said, drinking a mouthful from the bottle in his hands.

“Check your eyes,” Monica snorted. “Maybe you have forgotten how to read in these years.”

“I still read better than anyone,” Bret scoffed. “So, was he with her first and chose you afterward? Was he with you first and you made some concessions?”

Monica almost couldn’t believe how quickly Bret was discovering the truth. The reality was, her expression said more than enough, and Bret knew he had hit the mark when her eyes widened in terror and anger.

“Nothing happened,” Monica cried, changing tactics. “There were no concessions. I made sure to make it worth his while on my own.”

The conversation had reached those tones for a while already. Monica had completely forgotten that her parents were in the small living room, and they pretended to do the same. They actually felt lucky to be in the Slums rather than among people with higher upbringing.

“Did you, now?” Bret smirked. “My son sounds like a lucky dog.”

“The luckiest in the universe,” Monica claimed. “We put Lord Vegner’s estates to shame.”

Anastasia wanted to pierce her eardrums, but luck was on her side. The house’s door suddenly opened, and Khan stormed inside, claiming all the attention for yourself.

“I told you only I get to tease her,” Khan scolded. The house’s brittle walls didn’t dampen sound at all. He could hear the bickering since he jumped from the ship.

Despite the bickering, Khan couldn’t help but find the scene hilarious. Monica and Bret were at the table, seemingly ready to kill each other. Meanwhile, Anastasia and Luther had refused to sit, their wary eyes trying to dodge the dirt in the area. Anastasia also held a tissue on her nose, hoping it would block the general stench.

“I was just catching up and making sure she was right for you,” Bret blatantly lied. “She has my approval.”

Monica’s anger instantly vanished. She quickly straightened her posture, placing her arms on her waist, and an incredulous voice escaped her mouth. “Really?”

“Of course, of course,” Bret said, waving his hand dismissively. “You can marry my son. He looks happy with you.”

“I’ll do my best!” Monica promised, pointing her bright and excited smile at Khan.

“Don’t enable him,” Khan uttered. “He’s more of a scoundrel than I’ll ever be.”

“You left too soon,” Bret nodded. “I still had much to teach you.”

“I tease my fiancée enough,” Khan reassured.

“You can’t have her all for yourself,” Bret complained.

“That’s the definition of fiancée,” Khan pointed out before nodding at Anastasia. “Here. You can tease her. Just talk about some marriage details once you’ve had your fill.”

Anastasia widened her eyes in terror, and looking at her husband only intensified that feeling. Luther nodded with the same seriousness he conveyed during business meetings. Escaping that situation had just become impossible for her.

Monica kept smiling while Anastasia joined her at the table. Her happy mood mostly came from Bret’s approval, but seeing her mother’s slow and hesitant moves brought some satisfaction. Monica was finally getting some payback for her cold and detached upbringing.

Luther ignored the table and approached Khan. His businessman face told everything Khan needed to know, but the man still spoke to reassure him.

“I did as you asked, Prince Khan,” Luther explained. “The Nognes family will make a generous donation to my faction.”

“That’s over, then,” Khan muttered, nodding at the table. “Go on. You must also have opinions about the wedding.”

Luther hated the dirty environment as much as his wife, but nothing in his demeanor showed that feeling. As soon as Khan gave the order, he sat at the table, joining the conversation and adding fuel to Bret’s rude mood.

Khan inspected the table, and for a second, he felt he was watching a typical family. The atmosphere had plenty of discomfort and animosity, which sounded completely normal. His father, his fiancée, and her parents created the illusion of getting along, showing Khan a side of life he had never experienced.

That second almost made Khan smile. It was a happy window into an otherwise chaotic life filled with problems. Nevertheless, he enjoyed it to its fullest, no matter how short it was. He needed to since the imminent future carried the color of blood.

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